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What Is The Effect Of A Hand Pump Product Improvement?

Our company is a professional Hand Pump equipment manufacturer, our Hand Pump products are excellent R & D team, advanced production technology, research and development of new Hand Pump products. Let's take a look at our Hand Pump product.

 Our Hand Pump improves hydraulic system design. After several demonstrations, the final use of advanced priority valve and load sensor full hydraulic steering mode, the new system can be in accordance with the steering requirements, priority to the distribution of traffic, regardless of the size of the load, the steering wheel speed can ensure adequate oil supply, the remaining part Can be used to supply the working device circuit, thus eliminating the power supply due to excessive steering circuit caused by power loss, Hand Pump improve system efficiency and reduce the working pressure of ultra-high pressure Hand Pump.

Optimize the design of the boom cylinder and ultrahigh pressure Hand Pump shape, reduce the system working pressure. By optimizing the calculation, the boom cylinder uses the standard series 80/4. Ultra-high pressure Hand Pump displacement from 10ml / r increased to 14ml / r, the system set the pressure of 14MPa, Hand Pump to meet the boom cylinder lift and speed requirements.

  The above is the Hand Pump products for you to bring you information, more product information we will continue to update for you, please feel free to check our website updates.