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What Is A Hydraulic Cylinder?

What is a hydraulic cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and makes linear reciprocating motion (or swinging motion). The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and reliable work. The utility model can be used for realizing the reciprocating movement, the device can not be eliminated, and the driving device has no transmission gap, and the movement is stable. Therefore, the utility model is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The output force of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the effective area of the piston and the pressure difference between the two sides. The hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of a cylinder and a cylinder head, a piston and a piston rod, a sealing device, a buffer device and an exhaust device. The buffer device and the exhaust device depend on the specific application conditions, and other devices are essential.

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