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Types And Performance Parameters Of Hand Pump

                One-way Manual oil pump is a small hydraulic pumping station which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Use special tools such as hoisting, bending, straightening, cutting, riveting, assembling, disassembly and construction, military construction, etc. under various operating conditions of the cylinder and supporting. The main characteristics of the pump are: large pressure, manual, ultra Small, easy to carry, easy to operate, wide range of applications. Two-way manual pump is through the role of plunger, the mechanical oil or hydraulic oil into the pressure of oil into a special power supply. The performance is obvious, the performance is stable, safe and reliable, carry conveniently and so on obvious characteristic.Hand Pump

                 All kinds of hydraulic pump, working principle and hydraulic jack working principle is the same, they are dependent on the work volume change (pump cavity pump oil). This kind of hydraulic pump is based on the seal work volume's repeated changes, is called the volume type oil pump. In order to keep the oil pump working properly, the volumetric pump has seal, can change the space, the oil cavity and the oil drain cavity should separate mutually, to ensure the continuous suction oil tank and the oil distribution device discharges; the atmosphere, to ensure that the fuel is not less than a standard atmospheric pressure, its main characteristics are the internal structure of the pump and external working conditions.Hand Pump

                The working pressure of oil pump is the oil pressure of oil pump output. The nominal pressure on the nameplate is the maximum pressure required for continuous operation of the pump. Working under this pressure can ensure the sealing performance, efficiency, volume, structural strength and service life of the pump. The maximum pressure is the pump in a very short time to allow overload pressure. When the pump reaches a specific pressure at work, it is called the actual working pressure, and the pressure depends on the performance of the part of the load.Hand Pump