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The Working Principle Of Piston Hydraulic Cylinder

The working principle of piston hydraulic cylinder

Piston hydraulic cylinder can be divided into two types of single rod type and double rod type, and its fixing method is fixed by cylinder block and piston rod fixed two kinds, according to the action of liquid pressure, there are single acting type and double acting type. In the single acting hydraulic cylinder, pressure oil for hydraulic cylinder cavity by hydraulic pressure cylinder to realize single direction, reverse direction of movement by force (such as spring force, gravity or external loads) to achieve; and double acting hydraulic cylinder piston two direction movement through two alternatively. The oil inlet, on the function of the hydraulic pressure to complete.

As shown in the diagram, a single rod double acting piston hydraulic cylinder is shown. The piston is provided with a piston rod on one side of the piston, so the effective area of the two chamber is different. The amount of oil in different phase at the same time, into the oil chamber, the piston speed in different load; the same, different cavity into the oil supply pressure required, or when the system pressure is set, sanitation garbage truck hydraulic cylinder in two directions can overcome the load force.

Plunger type

(1) the plunger type hydraulic cylinder is a single acting hydraulic cylinder. It can only move in one direction depending on the liquid pressure. The piston return depends on the external force or the deadweight of the plunger;

(2) the plunger is supported only by the cylinder liner, not with the cylinder liner, so that the cylinder liner is easy to process, so it is suitable for long stroke hydraulic cylinder;

(3) the plunger is always compressed when it is working, so it must have enough rigidity;

(4) plunger weight is often larger, when placed horizontally, it is easy to sag due to self weight, resulting in sealing and guiding unilateral wear, so its vertical use is more favorable.


Telescopic hydraulic cylinder with two or multi-stage piston, telescopic hydraulic cylinder in the piston out of the order from large to small, and no-load retraction of the order is generally from small to large. The telescopic cylinder can realize a long stroke, but when retracted, the length is shorter and the structure is compact. This kind of hydraulic cylinder is often used in construction machinery and agricultural machinery. A piston with several primary motions, whose output speed and output force vary as the pistons move continuously.

Swing type

Swing hydraulic cylinder is the actuating element that outputs torque and realizes reciprocating motion. It has several forms, such as single leaf, double leaf and spiral swing. Vane type: the stator block is fixed to the cylinder, while the blade and rotor are connected together. According to the direction of feeding, the blade will cause the rotor to swing back and forth. Spiral swing is divided into single and double helix spiral swing two, now commonly used by the double helix, linear motion two screw down the hydraulic cylinder of the piston into the composite motion of the linear motion and rotation, so as to realize the swinging movement.

The working principle of piston hydraulic cylinder

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