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The Working Principle Of Bolt Tensioner

The working principle of bolt tensioner

Bolt tensioner by hydraulic pump, high-pressure hose, pressure gauge and tension body. The hydraulic pump is the power source, and the pressure gauge reflects the output pressure of the pump. The stretching body is an actuating element for realizing bolt stretching. The utility model is mainly composed of a piston cylinder, a piston, a supporting axle and a stretching nut

When the utility model is in operation, the high pressure oil output from the power source is conveyed to the piston cylinder 3 through a high-pressure hose, and the piston in the piston cylinder is moved upward under the action of the pressure to drive the drawing nut to move upwards. The nut and bolt tensile work thread, thereby stretching the working bolt, the bolt elongation reached the required amount of deformation, deformation control in the elastic deformation range, then the pre tightening or disassembling operation, finally through the hydraulic or mechanical return the work bolt return to its original shape, finish the homework.


Characteristics of bolt tension
Bolt tensioner using pure tension elongated bolts, torsion free shear force and lateral force, no damage to the contact surface of the friction coupling, is the best method to precisely control the bolt preload. Compared with the advantages of hydraulic torque wrench, bolt tensioner is quick and accurate, no torsional stress, no friction damage, can be synchronized multiple pre tightening bolts; so the bolt tension in the application of preload demanding occasions more widely. The disadvantage is that the amount of elongation is needed, so the use of narrow space in the axial space is greatly limited.

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