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The Use Of Hydraulic Cylinders

             The hydraulic cylinder is another kind of actuating component of the hydraulic transmission system, also is the energy conversion device that converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic motor realizes the slewing motion, but the hydraulic cylinder realizes the reciprocating movement. The hydraulic cylinder has the advantages of simple structure, small size, easy manufacture, reliable work and convenient maintenance, so it has been widely used in the hydraulic system of construction machinery, hoisting and transporting, special vehicle and so on.Hydraulic Cylinder

             Hydraulic cylinder In the use process, can not withstand lateral force, so as not to damage the oil cylinder, or even the bending of the piston rod; The piston rod bending can be repaired by pressure correction method. SEAL ring must not wear, aging, lip damage phenomenon, so as not to cause sealing failure.

             The hydraulic cylinder must not leak out, inside leakage phenomenon. Pressure oil through the piston and cylinder between the sealing ring into the low-pressure cavity phenomenon for internal leakage. The piston movement should be less than 0.5 mm/10 points under the load of the hydraulic cylinder, which is equivalent to the rated pressure. Otherwise, it may be due to improper hydraulic oil requirements, sealing failure, related parts damage caused, should be checked, replaced or repaired.Hydraulic Cylinder

            Hydraulic cylinder replacement oil or long-term parking to restart, to exhaust the gas accumulated in the cylinder, so as not to cause the oil cylinder crawling and jitter. Generally in the highest part of the hydraulic cylinder to install an exhaust plug, first twist budesonide plug, so that the piston full trip no-load reciprocating movement several times, to be left in the cylinder of gas discharged net, and then tighten the exhaust plug.Hydraulic Cylinder