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The Hydraulic Pump Has Different Sound How To Break

               One, if you hear the hydraulic pump has sound, we should first: 1, testing the pressure of the hydraulic pump is normal. 2, confirm the hydraulic pump two output tubing has serious jitter phenomenon. 3. Confirm whether there is metal powder inside the oil tank internal hydraulic return filter. In the 2nd, the tubing jitter should be noted: the tubing jitter is caused by a large pressure change, unstable; The pilot filter has a blockage phenomenon, should be cleaned frequently to prevent blockage; Check whether the safety solenoid valve switch is abnormal.Hydraulic Pump

               Second, as above three points to confirm normal, then the sound of the hydraulic pump is normal, the reason for the noise is because: 1, excavator hydraulic pump displacement than other models larger. 2, the side door of the hydraulic pump installation room is not sealed, has the heat dissipation hole, and the closed comparison has certain noise.Hydraulic Pump

               Third, if the hydraulic pump to determine the abnormal sound, from the following considerations: 1, whether the use of genuine hydraulic oil and hydraulic return oil filter. 2, the hydraulic oil pollution is serious, the excavator needs to carry on the maintenance regularly, especially is often carries on the crushing work to pay attention to the hydraulic oil pollution situation, it is recommended that the general 5,000-hour replacement of hydraulic oil, break the broken 600 hours should be replaced, due to the pollution of oil, it is difficult to achieve the necessary lubrication and protection role; 3, the oil circuit is not smooth, may be insufficient for hydraulic fluid or oil filter plug, inhalation of air after the pump damage 4, Hydraulic pump installation accuracy is not enough. 5, the regulator and solenoid valve part of the work is not normal, the hydraulic pump can not be tilted angle adjustment to the required angle, causing the flow of hydraulic pump output can not be matched with the required flow, resulting in the abnormal sound of the pump. 6, due to irregular operation or overload operation, resulting in a large impact on the hydraulic system, pressure relief valve produced pressure. 7, the heat engine time is not enough to carry on the work, the heat engine insufficiency will cause the hydraulic oil viscosity to be high, affects its fluidity, causes the pump the impact to be too big.

                After you feel the hydraulic pump has a different sound, you can check from above, and please professional pump valve repair personnel door-to-door inspection and repair.Hydraulic Pump