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The Basic Working Mode Of Hydraulic Pump

There are many ways to classify hydraulic pumps, which can be divided into low pressure pumps, medium pressure pumps and high pressure pumps according to the size of the pressure. Can also be divided into quantitative pump and variable pump according to whether the flow can be adjusted. But also by the pump structure is divided into gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump, gear pump and vane pump for medium and low pressure system, piston pump for high pressure system.Hydraulic Pump

Single plunger pump, the sealed volume in the oil, called the oil chamber, in the pressure when the oil pressure chamber. In order to ensure that the liquid has a regular, continuous one-way flow, suction valve and pressure valve in the logic of the kernel is mutually negative, can not open at the same time. Where the suction valve and pressure valve is called the oil distribution valve (in addition to the oil distribution valve and oil distribution and oil distribution). Without regard to leakage, the volume of the plunger inhaled and discharged depends only on the amount of change in the geometric dimensions of the sealed working volume, regardless of the magnitude of the pressure in the working chamber. From the above analysis we can see that the composition of the positive displacement pump must have the following three basic conditions.Hydraulic Pump The mechanism should be able to achieve a variable working chamber with a sealing performance. The sealed working chamber can be increased and reduced circumferentially and continuously, and when it is increased, it communicates with the oil suction chamber and communicates with the oil chamber when it is reduced. Oil suction chamber and pressure chamber can not communicate, that can not be opened at the same time. There are many types of hydraulic pumps. According to the structure of different. Can be divided into gear pump, vane pump, piston pump and worm pump four categories.Hydraulic Pump

Each type can also be divided into a variety of forms.For example, gear pump can be divided into foreign and coherent, vane pump can be divided into single and double role. Piston pump can be divided into axial piston pump and radial Piston pump, worm pump can be divided into double-worm pump and three-worm pump. According to the row is the most variable can be divided into fixed pump and change the most pump. The volume change of the working chamber of the variable pump is constant, and the change of the volume of the working chamber of the variable pump is the most adjustable.Hydraulic Pump