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Talk About The Three Stages Of The Hydraulic Pump Wear

Hydraulic pump wear and tear of the initial wear stage, the hydraulic pump in the process of manufacturing parts, parts of the metal surface has a certain degree of micro-axis or the existence of elliptical and non-straight hole in the metal surface of the initial relative movement, Pump parts between the relatively high-speed movement, this time between the friction will produce a slight friction and wear, parts are the initial wear stage.

Normal wear stage, after a period of time between the parts of the run, the friction between the generation of higher precision grade roughness, wear speed becomes slow, into a relatively long stable use of the stage.

Abnormal wear stage, the metal material will reach the fatigue cycle of the rated life, the metal surface will produce fatigue layer, Hydraulic Pump fatigue layer in the hydraulic pump high temperature and pressure of the special use of the state, the metal surface will occur granular off, so wear Rapid growth, the last part failure.

Hydraulic pump in the movement of the relative movement of the three pairs of friction parts caused by the wear and tear, so that the gap between the parts increased, the amount of leakage within the hydraulic pump will increase, the corresponding increase in oil temperature. The pump's soft life is from the initial run-in period to the stable use stage and then to the fatigue peeling stage. The length of the three phases depends mainly on the cleanliness of the hydraulic medium used.