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Solution Of Oil Leakage In Horizontal Hydraulic Cylinder Of Crane

            Horizontal hydraulic cylinder is the lifting of the car crane to carry out the work before, after the completion of the legs of the horizontal expansion of the implementation of the component, in the use of the load due to the small and not regular movements, it is not easy to attract attention when the oil leakage phenomenon.

            1 leakage location of the determination: hydraulic cylinder leakage In general there are 3 kinds of conditions: one is the oil leakage along the seal between the piston rod and the guide sleeve, the other is the leaking oil between the cylinder and the guide sleeve; third, the casting guide sleeve has the leaking oil caused by the defects such as casting blowhole, sand hole and porosity. Demolition of qy8b type and qy8e Crane target=_blank> truck crane Horizontal hydraulic cylinder found that the occurrence of oil spills will almost be the same as the second oil spill phenomenon.Hydraulic Cylinder

           2 analysis of the causes of oil leakage: cylinder and guide Suites sealed is a static seal, may cause leakage of the cause of the sealing ring quality is not good: the sealing ring is not enough to compress, the sealing ring is scratched or damaged, cylinder quality and guide sleeve sealing groove surface processing rough. The leakage of the horizontal hydraulic cylinder was detected, O-ring 4 have been scratched, this is due to the assembly guide sleeve in the external seal O-ring through the smooth chamfer.Hydraulic Cylinder

           The method of excluding oil leakage (1) from the design should ensure that the cylinder size L1 and with the guide sleeve size L2 of the relationship between L1 (2) before or after the assembly process, the chamfer of the cylinder is not smooth chamfer A and inner card ring groove, the application of fine sandpaper or oil stone grinding smooth. (3) When assembling, to control the position of the guide sleeve, so that the O-ring does not cross the slippery chamfer a (see Figure 2 lower part). (4) The surface roughness of the size of Fig 3a should be strictly controlled when processing cylinder cylinders. In short, to exclude the cylinder and guide sleeve at the sealing ring between the oil leakage, from the design, processing and assembly of three links to ensure that the sealing ring should be prevented from being scratched or in place after the compression of insufficient; At the same time, the quality of the sealing ring and cylinder, guide sleeve sealing Groove surface processing quality should be in accordance with the requirements of control.Hydraulic Cylinder