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Selection Of Servo-driven Hydraulic Pump


              The selection of servo-driven hydraulic pump can be selected from three parts of hydraulic pump, motor and servo drive respectively. Usually, the first choice of hydraulic pump, and then according to the specific parameters of the hydraulic pump Select the motor, and then according to the current motor selection servo drive. The specific options are as follows:

              Selection of Hydraulic pump (1) First of all, according to the structure of the injection molding machine requirements, the selection of suitable hydraulic pump form (horizontal, vertical and so on); (2) According to the actual flow range of hydraulic pump model selection Hydraulic pump, in the selection process need to consider a certain margin range; (3) According to the working pressure of injection molding machine, determine the pressure level of use and maintain a certain amount of pressure reserve. Normally, the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump should exceed the actual working pressure $number; (4) Choose the high reliability, vibration small hydraulic pump; (5) The cost of the comprehensive consideration to ensure the economic nature of the system; (6) on the basis of the above choice, according to "Ning Big don't small" principle to determine the specific hydraulic pump model.Hydraulic Pump

              Choice of Motor (1) in the selection of the motor, the first should be based on the injection molding machine transmission system structure and load requirements on the specific torque, speed, current and other parameters of the motor calculation. Then select the motor according to the calculation result. (2) According to the control requirements of the system, select the corresponding control mode of the motor; (3) According to the power supply is DC or AC and power supply voltage selection of the corresponding motor; (4) in the comprehensive consideration of the above conditions, the selection of specific motor models, at the same time in the motor installation process, the motor and hydraulic pump coupling between the alignment, to avoid the use of motor life impact.Hydraulic Pump

              Servo DRIVE Selection: Servo drive is also called Servo motor driver, which includes three kinds of control methods of speed control, torque control and position control. The speed control and torque control are used to realize the control operation, and the position control is realized by triggering the pulse. The choice of specific control methods should be based on the specific functions of the system.Hydraulic Pump