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Scope Of Use Of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

                   The use of hydraulic wrenches is very wide. In ship engineering, petrochemical, construction, electric power, mining, metallurgy and other industries in the construction, overhaul, repair and other work, hydraulic wrench for large-size bolts of the installation and demolition is a very important tool. Has the irreplaceable nature of other tools. Not only the use of convenient and lightweight, but also provide a large and very accurate torque. The torque repetition accuracy is about 3%. According to statistics, in the equipment operation failure of about 50% is due to the bolt problem, at the same time because of the bolt problems caused by the number of major equipment accidents are also very alarming, so in the installation of equipment, overhaul and gun repair process, the bolt fastening and demolition of the torque in most cases are more stringent requirements, and the manual method is difficult to meet the requirements. For bolts to provide large specifications of torque, hydraulic wrench is the ideal choice.Hydraulic Torque Wrench

                   The working head of the hydraulic wrench consists of three parts, the frame (also called the shell), the oil cylinder and the transmission parts. Oil cylinder output force, cylinder piston rod and drive part of the movement of the Vice, oil cylinder center to drive Parts center This distance is a hydraulic wrench to put vigorously arm, the oil cylinder output times lever, is the hydraulic wrench theory output torque, due to friction resistance exists, hydraulic wrench actual output torque is less than the theoretical output torque.

                  Hydraulic wrench has a drive-type hydraulic torque wrench and hollow-type hydraulic wrench two major series. The driving hydraulic torque wrench is used in conjunction with the standard sleeve for universal hydraulic wrench. Hollow hydraulic wrench thickness is thinner, especially suitable for small space. It is suitable for electric power (nuclear power, wind power, water and electricity), ship, cure gold, transportation, cement, construction, aviation and other fields.Hydraulic Torque Wrench

                  Hydraulic wrench because in the construction process is often used in small space and transport very inconvenient position, so the size and weight of the wrench is one of the most important indicators. In order to reduce the size of the parts, the use of high-strength alloy materials and heat treatment is a common method.Hydraulic Torque Wrench