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Pressure Level Of Hydraulic Cylinder

    The hydraulic cylinder is the power source for the construction machinery to realize the mechanism movement. It transforms the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy required by the mechanism, and most of it obtains force and displacement in the form of linear motion. Hydraulic Cylinder

     The hydraulic cylinder is classified by the use and the structure type, its various kinds. If according to the pressure level to distinguish, the construction machinery commonly used only for two main categories: namely the middle and low pressure hydraulic cylinder and high-pressure hydraulic cylinder.Hydraulic Cylinder

    The pressure level of the hydraulic cylinder is determined by the sealing structure and the material, wall thickness and processing technology of the hydraulic cylinder itself, which are already in the design and manufacture. The most concerned about the user is the working condition of the hydraulic cylinder, that is, whether inside or outside the leakage phenomenon, can achieve maximum volumetric efficiency and working life and so on. In practical application, the failure type of hydraulic cylinder often manifests as internal leakage and external leakage, which is related to the sealing parts and assembly process of the hydraulic cylinder. The following on the domestic and foreign hydraulic cylinder assembly and sealing process for a brief introduction, for peer exchanges.Hydraulic Cylinder

    In order to ensure the static sealing performance between cylinder and cylinder head, in addition to choosing reasonable static fit clearance and suitable o-ring, it is best to assemble nylon backing on the extrusion side of O-ring, which can improve the bearing capacity of the sealing ring, increase the pretension of flange bolts or head screws, and prevent the loosening of vibration in the work. Causes the static seal face to the dislocation to wear, causes the seal piece to be damaged.Hydraulic Cylinder

    The gap between piston rod and cylinder head guide sleeve is not up to the original design requirement. Because of the long-term use, the leading part of the grinding loss circle, tension, gap increase or gap oil film seal damage, etc. is the main factor that causes the piston rod oil leakage. In this state, even if the replacement of new seals, will still produce hydraulic oil from the piston rod outside the leakage of symptoms.Hydraulic Cylinder