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Piston Rod

Piston as the name suggests, is to support the work of piston connecting parts, most applications in the oil in the cylinder, the cylinder unit, is a frequent, high technical requirements for sports of the moving parts. Hydraulic cylinders, for example, by: cylinder, piston rod (cylinder), piston, cover a few parts. Its quality directly affecting the life and reliability of the product. Piston rod processing requirements are high, its surface roughness required for Ra0.4~0.8um, concentricity, resistance to abrasion is strictly controlled. Basic characteristics of the cylinder rod is a slender axis machining, machining difficult, has vexed the processing staff.

Piston rod is mainly used for hydraulic and pneumatic piston rod for manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobiles, the pillar of plastic machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, rollers, textile machinery, mechanical axis, linear motion using linear shaft.