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Noise Of Hydraulic Pump

               Noise is very harmful to people's health, with the development of industrial production, the impact of industrial noise on people more and more serious, has aroused people's attention. At present, the hydraulic technology is towards high pressure, large flow and high power direction, the noise generated by the increase, while in the hydraulic system noise, hydraulic pump noise occupies a large proportion. Therefore, the study of reducing the noise of the hydraulic system, especially the noise of the hydraulic pump, has caused the hydraulic pressure of the vast number of engineering and technical personnel, experts and scholars attention.Hydraulic Pump

              The noise of the hydraulic pump is related to the type, structure, size, rotational speed and working pressure of the hydraulic pump.

              One, causes the noise the reason 1) the pump flow pulsation and the pressure pulsation, causes the pump member vibration. This vibration can sometimes produce resonance. Resonant frequency can be the flow pulsation frequency of twice times, 3 times times or greater, the basic frequency of the pump and its resonant frequency if the mechanical or hydraulic natural frequency of the same, then the noise increased greatly, the research results show that the speed increase on the noise is generally greater than the pressure increase. 2 The working cavity of the pump is connected with the pressure oil cavity suddenly from the oil suction cavity, or the fluid flow and the pressure mutation are generated when the pressure oil cavity is connected with the oil suction cavity suddenly. 3 hole phenomenon. When the pressure in the pump suction chamber is less than that of the oil at the temperature of the gas separation pressure, dissolved in the oil in the air to be precipitated into the bubble, this bubble oil into the high-pressure cavity when the bubble was broken, the formation of local high-frequency pressure impact, resulting in noise. 4 The flow channel of the pump has a sudden enlargement and contraction of the cross-section, a sharp turn, and a small cross section of the channel leading to liquid turbulence, vortex and jet flow, making the noise increase. 5 mechanical noise caused by mechanical vibration such as unbalanced rotation, poor bearing, bending of pump shaft, etc.Hydraulic Pump

             II. Measures to reduce noise 1 reduce and eliminate the rapid change of hydraulic pump internal oil. 2) can be in the hydraulic pump outlet device muffler, absorption of hydraulic pump flow and pressure pulsation. 3 when the hydraulic pump is installed in the tank, the use of rubber cushion damping. 4 pressure hose for a section of high-pressure hoses, hydraulic pump and pipe connection to vibration isolation. 5 using a larger diameter suction tubing, reduce the local resistance of the pipeline, prevent the hydraulic pump to produce cavitation phenomenon, the use of large-capacity oil suction filter to prevent the mixing of air in the fluid, the rational design of hydraulic pump, improve the stiffness of the parts.Hydraulic Pump