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Motor Power Mode Of Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic pump is the power source of hydraulic system. The basic conditions of the hydraulic pump are: With variable sealing volume, coordinated oil-distributing mechanism, and the structure of high and low pressure cavities isolated from each other. The main performance parameters of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are: displacement, flow, pressure, power and efficiency, the displacement is the geometrical parameter, and the flow rate is the product of the displacement and rotational speed; the actual working pressure depends on the external load; Hydraulic power is the output flow of the pump Volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency respectively reflect the volume loss and mechanical loss of the hydraulic pump and motor.Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor according to the different structure form, mainly divides into the gear type, the vane type, the plunger type three main categories, must master each kind of pump, the motor working principle, the displacement and the flow computation method, understood its structure characteristic. Plunger pump is the most perfect performance, pressure and efficiency of the hydraulic pump; High performance vane pump with small pulsation, low noise and good; the most characteristic of the gear pump is anti-pollution, which can be used in the environment with bad working conditions.Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic motor is one of the important actuators in the hydraulic system, in principle, the hydraulic motor is the reverse working condition of the hydraulic pump. It is important to understand the structural features and applications of low-speed large torque motors (Crank-link motors, static balancing motors, and multi acting internal curve motors).

    Hydraulic pump drive motor is caused by: motor reversal, motor specification is inaccurate, power shortage or speed up to the requirements, hydraulic pump drive motor elimination method, reconnect, correct the motor steering, according to the hydraulic pump specification requirements, check the performance specifications of the motor. Hydraulic Pump

    The problem of starting gear hydraulic pump at low temperature: starting, stopping and stopping several times, make the oil temperature rise, the hydraulic device running flexible, and then enter the official operation; not to take the outside heating method to improve the oil temperature, although the short time can improve the oil temperature, but the pump and other components temperature is still very low, very easy to cause trouble, should pay special attention.Hydraulic Pump