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Measuring Hydraulic Cylinder By Settlement

                Causes the loader, the excavator to generate the dynamic arm raise and the speed of the bucket slow failure, except the main pump, the main safety valve, the control valve and the hydraulic cylinder balance valve reason, the most main reason is the hydraulic cylinder leakage. At this time, the use of sedimentation to detect the hydraulic cylinder is particularly appropriate. Take the digging maneuver arm as an example, at the shovel number one full load, the moving arm is fully stretched out and the excavation valve is placed in the middle position, so that the engine flameout and stop 5min after measuring the hydraulic cylinder piston rod Extend the length of change, this change is the hydraulic cylinder settlement, if this value is greater than the standard value, then said suction hydraulic cylinder leakage serious. The standard values of the settlement of hydraulic cylinders for various construction machinery can be such as Hitachi UH171, the standard value of the settlement of the movable arm cylinder and bucket cylinder of the WH051 wheel excavator is 40mm; when the UH083 of the movable arm cylinder of the excavator is >30mm, the settlement of the bucket is >25mm and the settlement of the bucket cylinder is >15mm, it is shown that the hydraulic cylinder is leaking seriously.Hydraulic Cylinder

               can also use the experience method to test, the moving arm joystick in the A-liter position, if at this time the speed of the moving arm is significantly faster, the dynamic arm cylinder settlement is large, indicating that the dynamic arm cylinder leakage; The control valve and the lock-dead balance valve of the automatic arm cylinder are disclosed. As shown in Figure 1, when BB, AA? When the connecting (valve core left), the engine flameout, no oil, the moving arm lever is placed in the rising position, if the dynamic arm cylinder has internal leakage, under the action of gravity, the lower chamber oil of the movable arm will move through the piston and the cylinder arm to the upper chamber, causing the piston rod to descend, and if the sinking speed is not obvious and slow, it indicates that the internal leakage occurs in the lock-dead balance valve and the control valve of the movable arm cylinder.Hydraulic Cylinder

              The piston runs to the top of the hydraulic cylinder with a rod cavity (or no rod cavity), and the back of the hydraulic cylinder is disassembled, and the back tubing is plugged in, and the other end of the return pipe is blocked to prevent the backflow of the oil from the total return tubing. At this time start the engine, so that the dynamic arm joystick has been placed in the hydraulic cylinder piston rod rising position, if the oil continuously from the back of the pipeline to start out and the volume of large, indicating that the hydraulic cylinder leakage serious.Hydraulic Cylinder