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Machining Of Hydraulic Cylinder

            Cylinder as a hydraulic cylinder, mining monomer prop, hydraulic support, gun tube and other products of the main components, the quality of their processing directly affect the life and reliability of the entire product. The machining requirements of the cylinder are high, and the roughness of the inner surface is Ra0.4. Intermum, it has strict requirements on coaxial degree and abrasion resistance. The basic characteristic of the cylinder is deep hole processing, which has been puzzled by the processing personnel.Hydraulic Cylinder

            With the rolling process, the surface residual compressive stress can help to close the surface cracks and hinder the expansion of erosion. In order to improve the surface corrosion resistance, and can delay the emergence or expansion of fatigue crack, thus improving the fatigue strength of cylinder. By rolling forming, the rolling surface forms a layer of cold hardening layer, which reduces the elasticity and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair, thus enhances the abrasion resistance of the inner wall of the cylinder and avoids the burn caused by the grinding. After rolling, the decrease of surface roughness value can improve the coordination property.Hydraulic Cylinder

             Cylinder is the most important part of the construction machinery, the traditional processing method is: broaching cylinder body-fine boring cylinder body-grinding cylinder. The rolling method is: pull the cylinder body--the fine boring cylinder body--The rolling cylinder body, the procedure is 3 parts, but the time contrast: the grinding cylinder body 1 meters approximately in 1-2 days time, the rolling cylinder body 1 meters approximately in 10-30 minutes time. Input comparison: Grinder or quilting machine (tens of thousands of--millions of), rolling knife (1-tens of thousands of). After rolling, the surface roughness of the holes is Ra3. $number. 3um reduced to Ra0.4. Intermum, the surface hardness of the hole increased by about 30%, and the fatigue strength of the cylinder surface increased by 25%. If the service life of the cylinder is only considered, the $number times is increased, and the boring rolling process is about 3 times times more efficient than that of the grinding process. The above data shows that the rolling process is efficient and can greatly improve the surface quality of the cylinder. After the cylinder has been rolled, the surface does not have the sharp small edge, the long time movement friction also does not damage the seal ring or the seal, this is particularly important in the hydraulic industry.Hydraulic Cylinder