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Hydraulic Wrench: Pressure Reducing Valve And Flow Control Valve Maintenance And Repair

Hydraulic wrench is now life often need to use the tools to "skillfully deflected the question" advantage of the success of the vehicle maintenance and industrial production of the necessary tools. So for some common valve and flow control valve usually the maintenance and maintenance and should pay attention to what?

The malfunction of the pressure relief valve may be due to the pressure being too high or lower than the relief valve. It is also possible that the pressure is not stable. These failures are likely to lead to inconsistent movement of the spool, or poppet valve instability, may also lead to oil into the air. For these, we can open the oil discharge back pressure valve core spool, check the oil inside. And then open with the other control valve tubing separately, shoot inside the air. Here, in particular, need to pay attention to is the hydraulic valve.

 Failure of the flow control valve may cause the pressure correction device to not operate. This may be due to dust in the spool or small holes in the sleeve caused by dust, for such a situation as long as the outlet pressure in the flow of solution can be cleaned up.

The flow adjustment axis is tightened. The cause of this condition may be due to dust on the adjustment shaft. Clean up here is very strenuous, the general root of the apparatus can not be cleaned up there. We can take the amount of the way, so that he raised the pressure in the second time to start the six o'clock scale, a high-pressure clean-up decomposition.

 In addition to these, the hydraulic wrench should also pay attention to the direction control valve maintenance and repair. Manual operation of the valve stem when the oil seal leakage, which may be caused by damage to the oil seal. This situation as long as the open cylinder head, replace the oil seal on it.