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Hydraulic Torque Wrench Fault

Hydraulic torque wrench fault

The common faults of camshaft include abnormal wear, abnormal sound and fracture. Abnormal sound often occurs before abnormal sound and fracture.

(1) the camshaft is almost at the end of the engine lubrication system, so the lubrication condition is not optimistic. If the oil pump used for a long time, because of insufficient oil pressure or lubricants roadblockage caused by lubricating oil can not reach the camshaft bearing cap fastening bolt tightening torque caused by excessive oil can not enter the camshaft gap will cause abnormal wear of the cam shaft.

(2) the abnormal wear of the camshaft will lead to the increase of the gap between the camshaft and the bearing seat, and the axial displacement of the camshaft will occur, resulting in abnormal sound. Abnormal wear also results in increased clearance between the drive cam and the hydraulic tappet. The cam and the hydraulic tappet collide with each other resulting in abnormal noise.

(3) the camshaft will sometimes break and other serious faults. The common causes are hydraulic tappet fragmentation or severe wear, serious lubrication, poor camshaft quality, and camshaft gear rupture.

(4) in some cases, the failure of the camshaft is caused by human factors, especially when the engine is repaired, the camshaft is not properly assembled and disassembled. For example, remove the camshaft bearing cap with a screwdriver to pry the hammer percussion or strong pressure, or installing bearing cover when installed the wrong position to the bearing cover and the bearing seat does not match, or bearing cap fastening bolt tightening torque is too large.

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