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Hydraulic Torque Wrench Drive Work

The camshaft is located almost at the end of the engine lubrication system, so the lubrication condition is not optimistic. If the oil pump due to the use of time is too long and other reasons there is insufficient fuel supply pressure, or lubricating oil blockage caused by lubricating oil can not reach the camshaft, or bearing cover fastening bolts tightening torque is too large to cause the oil can not enter the camshaft clearance, Resulting in abnormal wear of the camshaft.Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Driving type can not work when you need to choose hollow-type hydraulic wrench, it is unique in that the wrench is divided into two parts: the first part of the head and power head, the same model power head unchanged, the head of the model in the various working range, Can be replaced by the head to achieve the size of the same specifications with the bolt; In addition, can also be installed in a specification variable sleeve to change its hexagonal size to achieve disassembly of different specifications of the bolt.Hydraulic Torque Wrench

When your hydraulic torque wrench is removed, you will have to use it to assemble it. Connect the hose to the other end of the power pack and hydraulic torque wrench. And tighten any connector to ensure the safety of all connections between the three hydraulic torque wrench groups. Of course sorting is also very important and you should not change the explanation in the setup guide.Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Camshaft sometimes rupture and other serious failures, common causes of hydraulic tappet broken or serious wear and tear, severe lubrication bad, camshaft poor quality and camshaft timing gear rupture. In some cases, the camshaft failure is caused by human reasons, especially when the engine is not properly disassembled for the camshaft. Such as disassembling the camshaft bearing cover with a hammer strong percussion or with a screwdriver to push the pressure, or install the bearing cover when the wrong position caused by the bearing cover and the bearing does not match, or the bearing cap tightening bolts tightening torque is too large and so on.Hydraulic Torque Wrench