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Hand Pump Related Overview

    Manual pump is a pump with artificial effort. One-way manual pump is a small hydraulic pump station that converts manual mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. In the case of the use of supporting cylinders and special tools, such as: lifting, bending, straightening, cutting, riveting, assembly, demolition and some construction, military construction and so on.

    90s of last century, China's mechanical and electrical industry to introduce imported advanced assembly and fastening technology, the use of high-strength hydraulic nuts, hydraulic tensioner at the same time as a power source at the same time the introduction of ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump.Hand Pump

    Manual pump is a kind of hydraulic pump. As a hydraulic system power source, mainly by the fluid (hydraulic oil, saponification oil, water, etc.) as a medium. General manual hydraulic pumps are plunger horizontal design, ultra-high pressure manual pump by the double plunger conversion to produce ultra high pressure.Hand Pump

    Ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump as a simple and convenient hydraulic power source is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, coal mining machinery, petrochemical, metallurgical, power and heavy machinery and other fields. And its small size, light weight, easy to carry, security and other advantages of the majority of users to accept.

    After the running and testing with the domestic market, the current production of ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump fully adapted to the market demand, working pressure of 100 ~ 300Mpa; built-in pressure relief valve, in order to prevent pressure overload, the pump also has a safety relief valve; Secondary flow design, a low-voltage displacement of 33CC, two high-pressure displacement of 1.6CC; to achieve a constant power conditions, low-pressure large flow of oil, high pressure and small flow of oil, saving time and improve efficiency The The dimensions are 585 * 120 * 170mm and the total weight of the oil is about 11Kg. The use of this pump is convenient and flexible, low labor intensity, durable, is the ideal ultrahigh pressure hydraulic power source.Hand Pump