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Hand Pump Parts Of The Pump Introduced

The main part of the pump is the main part of the pump, the high pressure working chamber, the low pressure working chamber, the two check valves, the high pressure valve (safety valve), the low pressure valve, the unloading valve, the two check valves, Are on top. Each hole is organically linked.Hand Pump 

Two one-way valve is to prevent the pressure oil back, its specifications, the role is the same. The role of low-pressure valve and high-pressure valve is pressure control, respectively, the pressure control in the 1Mpa and 63Mpa. Two steel balls at the inlet are check valves. After the work is completed, the unloading valve is opened and the pressure oil flows back to the oil storage pipe to complete the unloading work.Hand Pump

Handle part: mainly by the pressure bar, pressure to the composition. By two pins connected with the pump and plunger. Hand force on the pressure bar, driving the plunger for reciprocating motion, resulting in oil pressure. In the pressure above the M20 × 1.5 screw hole, is for the vertical installation of the press bar, according to the operation of the convenience of the use of vertical or horizontal position operation. Hose part: is connected to the oil pump and cylinder pressure oil delivery parts. When not in use, the hose and the cylinder off, hose head with a rubber cap plug, the cylinder joints with plug joints to prevent dirt into the tubing and fuel tank.Hand Pump

In the rear seat or tank above the filling and deflation device, the pump work must be released to release the snail, free storage tank to produce negative pressure, affecting the normal work, after the work tightened deflated screw. Install a hook at the rear end and lock the lever with a hook when the pump is on the handle.Hand Pump