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Hand Pump Hydraulic Way Introduction

Hydraulic manual pump is a hydraulic fluid for the hydraulic drive to provide a hydraulic component, is a pump. Its function is to power machine (such as motors and internal combustion engines, etc.) into the liquid energy of the mechanical energy. Output flow can be adjusted according to the need to adjust the variable pump, the flow can not be adjusted called the quantitative pump. Hydraulic system commonly used in the pump with gear pump, vane pump and piston pump 3 kinds. Gear pump: the smaller size, the structure is relatively simple, the oil cleanliness is not strict, the price is cheaper; but the pump shaft by the unbalanced force, serious wear and tear.Hand Pump

Vane pump: divided into double acting vane pump and single acting vane pump. This pump flow is uniform, smooth operation, low noise, working pressure and volumetric efficiency than the gear pump, the structure is more complex than the gear pump. Piston pumps: high volumetric efficiency, low leakage, can work under high pressure, mostly for high-power hydraulic system; but the structure is complex, material and processing accuracy requirements are high, expensive, cleanliness of the oil demanding. Generally in the gear pump and vane pump can not meet the requirements when the piston pump.Hand Pump

The practical function of the manual pump is to convert the mechanical energy of the power machine (such as electric motors and internal combustion engines) into liquid. Obligation: The cam is driven by the motor. When the cam urges the plunger to move upward. The oil is extruded from the sealed volume, and the volume of the seal formed by the plunger and the cylinder is reduced. Through the one-way valve to the needs of the place to go.Hand Pump

 When the cam rotates to the landing position of the curve, the spring instructs the plunger down to form a certain degree of vacuum, and the oil in the tank enters the sealed volume at atmospheric pressure. Cam so that the plunger constantly lifting, sealed volume periodically reduced and increased, the pump will continue to oil and oil.Hand Pump