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Classification And Working Principle Of Hydraulic Pump

    Pressure pump by the pump body, rectangular tank, pressure, ultra-high pressure steel wire braided hose Four major components, hydraulic oil pump joints have straight-through, self-proclaimed, rapid connectors three types. Hydraulic oil pump Features: Hydraulic oil pump body a small amount of light, easy to use, high working pressure.Hydraulic Pump

    Single Stage pumping Station: The structure is simple, can obtain the big work pressure. Two-stage pumping station: Low pressure, high, low pressure pump together to provide oil, can obtain a larger output flow. At high pressure, the low-pressure pump is automatically unloaded to oil by unloading overflow valve. Reduce power consumption. Holding function: In the case of no leakage in the oil circuit, stop the pump for 5 minutes, the nominal pressure drop does not exceed 5Mpa.Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic pump is a hydraulic system of the power components, by the engine or motor driven from the hydraulic tank suction oil, the formation of pressure oil discharged to the implementation of components. The hydraulic pump is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump according to the structure. The following small series for us to introduce the hydraulic pump varieties and the operating principle of hydraulic pump.Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic pump varieties. Gear Pump: Small size, the structure is simple, the cleanliness of the oil is not strict, the price is cheaper, but the pump shaft is damaged by the uneven force, the leak is larger. Vane pump: It is divided into double action vane pump and single acting vane pump Hydraulic Pump

    This pump has uniform flow, smooth operation, low noise, high pressure and volume power ratio gear pump, and the structure is more cluttered than gear pump. PLUNGER Pump: High volume power, leakage small, can be operating under high pressure, mostly used in high-power hydraulic system; But the structure of clutter, material and processing accuracy begged high, quote expensive, the cleanliness of the oil begged high.Hydraulic Pump

    Pump is a kind of energy change equipment, the rotating machinery of the motor can be replaced by hydraulic output. Hydraulic pumps are based on the principle of the volume of seal changes to carry out operations, it is generally called the volumetric hydraulic pump. There are several sealed and periodically altered spaces. The output flow of the pump is proportional to the change of momentum and the number of changes per unit time in this space, regardless of other factors.Hydraulic Pump