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Fastening tool for hydraulic torque wrench

Fastening tool for hydraulic torque wrench

Hydraulic torque wrench generally refers to the output and set torque of a bolt fastening tool, which belongs to the high pressure hydraulic tools, widely used in a number of heavy chemical industry equipment overhaul and installation. Hydraulic torque wrench has drive shaft and hollow type two.

PU drive shaft hydraulic torque wrench

High strength alloy material drive shaft, long service life

No reaction pawl, removing tool clamping

Each stroke rotates 27 degrees, and the speed is fast

Compact, one-piece, aerospace material, high strength, light weight, high torque to weight ratio

Output accuracy + 3%

Small nose radius, easy to operate in narrow spaces

Special surface antiseptic treatment, suitable for use in harsh environment

PMX hollow hydraulic torque wrench

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