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Advantages of the hydraulic press Hydroforming technology

Hydraulic press for Hydroforming technology key benefits:

1. reduce the weight savings. 2. reducing the number of parts and tooling, reduce tooling costs. Hydroforming parts usually only need 1 set tooling and stamping parts which require multiple sets of moulds. 3. reduces the amount of subsequent machining and Assembly welding. Radiator support, for example, thermal area of 43%, the solder was reduced from 174 to 20 operations decreased from 13 to 6, 66% of productivity. 4. increase strength and stiffness, especially the fatigue strength, such as hydroforming radiator bracket, the stiffness can be increased by 39% in the vertical direction, can be increased by 50% in the horizontal direction. 5. reduce the cost of production. According to the applied statistical analysis of hydraulic components, hydraulic forming part of the production cost is lower on average than stamping 15%~20%, die cost reduction 20%~30%.